Bravo Zulu - Well Done

January 4, 2024

2023 National Football League Week 18 Predictions | week 17 prediction results | Cardinals WIN?

January 3, 2024

Dave Chappelle Sparks WOKE OUTRAGE With New Show Mocking TRANS AGENDA, We're WINNING The Culture War

I love the fact that Elon Musk told advertisers that are/were holding him hostage to go fuck themselves. Elon has fuck you money and he's showing that right here. As soon as I heard him say that I immediately went and subscribed to Twitter/X. Elon is a beast and damn I love to see this. We should all be so lucky to tell the awkward ones to go fuck themselves. You shall not control me!

The video below is a must watch as far as I'm concerned and that's why it's here.

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