My personal URL shortener.

My name is Rob and I have been online for over a decade. I started tinkering with websites in 1998 while working at Sealy Mattress Company. I have always been fascinated with this idea of creating something from nothing is how I envision the internet. After all, websites are simply text documents in a folder on a server that is hooked into this thing we call the information superhighway.

I’m amazed at how far we’ve come and curious to know what’s next. My days online haven’t all been glorious and easy. I have certainly experienced difficult times. I think in life we call those learning opportunities. My grandmother always says life is the best teacher and I must say I tend to agree with her.

I think most of us aspire for more. More time with our family and friends and more money to enjoy that time with. I can honestly say that I’m not all about the money but I am about the security that money brings. I like to say that life is filled with false senses of security and I believe that. But I’ll take the false sense of security where I can easily provide for my family and put money to work for me.

I personally consider RDB.fun my personal URL shortener but I may write content for this website from time to time as well or I may use it to syndicate content. Either way I plan on keeping this domain for the rest of my life, in part because I was the original owner of RDB.me. I sold that domain and have always regretted doing so.

my favorite sushi roll is a combination of salmon and yellowtail

If you’re reading this and longing to create your own website then I would encourage you to do so, however just know that if you’re going to be successful online then you’re going to have to create content.

If you’re not willing to or do not wish to create content then do NOT go through the motions of creating a website and paying for domains and hosting. Just use a free Wordpress or Blogger blog.

I am a perfectly flawed human being. I hope you get some value from reading or watching my content. If you have an impulse to take action toward achieving your dreams then I hope you’ll take action on those impulses.

Actions that will hopefully lead to a life of the best circumstances and money coming to you in increasing quantities through multiple sources. Here’s wishing you an enjoyable journey on your trip through this wonderful thing we call life.

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